Methodist Presbyterian Hostel

                                    MPH Entrancy

                 2 Apartments each with two bedrooms, a private bathroom and a salon    $45/night
                 2 Suites each with one bedroom, a private bathroom and a salon              $35/night
                 12 double rooms with twin beds that share a common bathroom
                      in one of the 4 wings where they are located                                      $20/night
                 2 rooms w/bath     $25/night
                 $7 bed additional added
                           rooms.  The number of rooms available may change due to this.  

                 Breakfast   served at 7AM    $4
                 Lunch        served at noon    $8.00
                 Dinner     served at 6PM     $8.00
         Internet usage (wireless connection available)  $2/hr

          Hostel Manager     Kalonji Matadi         Tatu Kalonji speaks fluent English and may be able to
                 assist with communications regarding planning such as airport pick-up.
                 Email -  

          *Fees are subject to change.  Please confirm all fees with Tatu Kalonji when making your
            reservations.  Payment is expected prior to departure or, based upon length of stay, weekly.
            Payment is to be made in cash or by check drawn on a U.S. bank with proper identification.